Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lazy, Hazy Crazy Days of Summer

Here it is. The end of the summer. I'll be making my annual Labor Day pilgrimage to the Shore for my traditional summer fare thee well to the beach. My pale legs will surely reflect the sun more spectacularly than the sand ever could. Once again, my summer goal of "a really good tan" went unfulfilled.

Summer has a way of getting away from us, doesn't it?

We have 3 scant months to have a summer in. Those of us who work conventional office jobs have weekends, plus a couple of weeks worth of vacation in which to get our fill. Life, however, often interferes with those perfect beach days. Groceries need to be bought, and houses need to be cleaned. Errands demand attention while laundry beckons. As much as we want to lounge on the beach, ice cold bottle of Corona beside us, sweating droplets of condensation down its side and into the sand while we absently read a book, we don't always get our way.

Such was my summer.

Not that I'm complaining. I did have a pretty good summer. I started if off on Memorial Day weekend with the most AMAZING concert ever~a private Eric Clapton concert in a 2500 seat venue. Awesome and awe inspiring. I doubled my pleasure by the end of that week with an Eagles concert in a private box at MSG. Both of these shows were gratis...although some bugger did scratch my car in the lot across from the Garden. No worries though...what's an SUV without a little battle scar from the big, bad city?

I had a couple of nice weekends at the Borgata in Atlantic City which, while not profitable, proved to be relaxing and refreshing.

I did some shopping, netting a hot pair of Michael Kors silver sandals for a song (have I mentioned my Michael Kors obsession?) I also got the most adorable Michael Kors top on sale...what can I say? Adore him! The Coach outlet was kind to me as well, and I actually put the Louis Vuitton away for a bit to use a new Coach...but you know I just can't live too long without Louis ;)

I saw a couple of movies, and went to dinners with friends. I watched too many hours of Olympic coverage and my friend accidentally squirt ketchup all over himself as we laughed until we cried.

Alaskan King Crab was the critter du jour as Deadliest Catch fascinated me, along with Captain Jonathan of the Time Bandit. TV's Mike Rowe, well, what can I say? He's TV's Mike Rowe and always will be. I watched less FNC and more Discovery Channel. I know How It's Made, how to be a Mythbuster, what goes into making The Deadliest Catch and who is responsible for all those Dirty Jobs.

I laughed and cried and fell in and out of love. I made life changing decisions and changed my mind, only to contemplate them once more.

All in all, a pretty good summer...even if I didn't get that really great tan.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must go start planning the annual Christmas Display. You know how quickly the holidays creep up on us once Labor Day is over!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just The Fact's Ma'am

Ok, so I have always been under the impression that magazines employ people as fact checkers. You know, the people who get a draft of an article and then set about confirming things stated as fact in the article, be it a celebrities birthdate or the population of a town.

Well, after reading something tonight in, of all things, TV Guide, I have to wonder about them.

The article in question was basically who makes what in TV land. There was very little text. It was mostly done in chart format. Different charts for different categories. Things like Prime Time Series, listing how much per episode various starts of shows make.

Well, under the heading "TV NEWS", you will find the big guns like Katie Couric, who makes 15 Million per year and Matt Lauer who makes 12. Who's #4 on that list, you may ask? Well, I'll tell you. It's someone from FoxNews who makes between 7 and 8 million per year named SHEPHERD Smith.

That's right. SHEPHERD.

The only problem is....well...Shepard Smith does not spell his name "Shepherd".

A quick visit to the FoxNews website could have given any fact checker...or mail room employee...the correct spelling of Mr. Smith's name. Since that obviously wasn't done, we know NO ONE checked the spelling of the mans' name.

Now, if we were talking about Matt or Brian or Tom, I wouldn't expect anyone to check the spelling of the name. But Shepard isn't exactly your garden variety, run of the mill, every day moniker. It's a name that is, for the most part, unusual.

So, wouldn't it stand to reason that someone~anyone~check for the proper spelling prior to the article going to press?

If it's too much trouble to check the simple spelling of a name, how do we trust the validity of anything else published in TV Guide?

How do I know for sure that Dirty Jobs will be on Tuesday at 9? Or that LOST will be on at all? Did anyone bother to check and make sure?

So, I'll do the fact checking for you, TV Guide:

Click here:,2933,1260,00.html

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More Mike Rowe...

...from the Planet Green launch.

This one tickles my funny bone...and you may realize why...

I Love Mike Rowe...

Here he is at the Planet Green launch, imploring us to conserve.