Saturday, February 28, 2009

Your Tax Dollars In Action!

As many bloggers do, I have a little site counter attached to this blog, where I can see where my hits are coming from. It's so interesting to see hits from Europe reading my post about the private Eric Clapton concert I attended (many thanks to the Eric Clapton Portal for posting the link!) and to see how many people are googling TV's Mike Rowe and his latest venture, mikeroweWorks.

Sometimes, I get a little, tonight.

Many times, the name of the company that the hit is coming from shows up on the counter. I've seen some large corporations, colleges and universities, among others. I've even had hits from government offices.

But, imagine my surprise tonight when I took a hit from none other than Fannie Mae! That's right! The embattled mortgage company that we, as taxpayers, have to bail out. It's good to see my tax dollars in action, as someone who's being paid with my hard earned money is sitting there, goofing off, googling about who designed a certain website. It's good to see that, even though I had to take a 10% pay reduction at my job because of the real estate crisis (created, in part, thanks to Fannie Mae and the sub-prime mortgage fiasco) that someone gainfully employed at Fannie saw fit to mess around on the internet while probably still earning the same salary they earned prior to this financial meltdown.

So, if I may be so bold, I would like to ask the Federal Government for some of my tax dollars back. Specifically, I'd like the money that was paid to this person who saw fit to waste the hard earned and dwindling cash that I am paying them in order to ensure that they retain a job and our country's economy doesn't implode on itself under the weight of bad loans made by their employer.

Maybe it's time we started demanding accountability for our money from these institutions if we are going to be spending our hard earned money to save them. Something to think about....

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Once upon a time, I was a young pre-teen girl, reading Tiger Beat and 16 Magazine...for the pics of my faves, you know ;)

Things were very different back then. The articles in these publications were sugar coated pabulum designed more to sell record albums and drive up TV show ratings rather than give you the real poop on those faves who's pics lined your bedroom walls. Not that we knew otherwise. We were more than happy to think our teen idols were as squeeky clean as we were!

Anyway, like most of the rest of the girls my age at that time, I was sort of outgrowing Donny & Marie (does anyone ever really outgrow Donny Osmond? Seriously...the man's a grandfather and I'd STILL do him in a heartbeat!) and looking for more 'grown up' music. I found that sound in the voice of Les McKeown, lead singer for The Bay City Rollers. No, they weren't from Bay City, Michigan. These five lads were from Edinburgh, Scottland, and they had the tartan to prove it! The lineup consisted of the afore mentioned Les, lead singer and the driving force in heartthrob, guitarists Woody Wood, Eric Faulkner, bassist Alan Longmuir and his drum playing blond brother with the little Dutch Boy hair cut, Derek. Alan later left the band (which he and Derek had actually founded as The Saxons) and was replaced by Ian Mitchell...but more on him later.

Now, you're going to think I'm weird (unless you already thought I was, and, in that case, this does not strike you as odd at all) but I just went up into the top of my closet shelf where all that 'stuff' lives. You know that 'stuff'...the stuff you just can't bring yourself to part with. The prom corsage, the gift a sweet boy you had a secret crush on gave you at your 12th birthday party, a postcard from a long forgotten friend...that 'stuff'. I have my grandmother's old jewelry box up there with some of this 'stuff' in it. There's a little adjustable ring with a distelfink on it, a NYC subway token, a pendant with my name twisted in silver wire that I got at a long gone fair, beaded earrings from the 1980's, a high school yearbook photo of me, and some ticket stubs from NY Ranger hockey games at Madison Square Garden.

There is another ticket stub in there. It's hot pink and it says SECTION 204 ROW B SEAT 12. It's dated May 9, 1977 and it's face value is a whopping $8.00. It was from my very first concert...The Bay City Rollers.

Yes, I had the Rollermania bad, though not as bad as some of those at that show. There were girls with their hair cut like Woody and Eric, wearing the same style ankle high pants with tartan around the cuffs, wearing tartan scarves around their necks. Before the Rollers, I'd always called it 'plaid'. My school uniform as plaid. But the Rollers wore TARTAN!

I went to the show with my cousins Diane, Maria and Joanne. Joanne had graduated high school and was working at the time. She waited in line on her lunch hour at the box office for the tickets. By the time she got up to the window, all that were left were singles. She did, however, manage to get two fairly good seats together. My mother was somehow elected as 'the parent' to bring us. She took the worst seat. Maria was OVER THERE, and Joanne was WAY OVER THERE. Diane and I had two choice seats on the aisle. We sat there, like two little ladies, in our jeans, sneakers and cute girl tshirts, like two little ladies, while the girl with the Eric Faulkner haircut sitting next to us explained how we'd need to sit back when the music started so she could rush the stage. This was our first concert. We thought it was going to be like a play. Everyone sits nicely and enjoys.

Wow, were WE idiots!

If I recall correctly, the 'opening act' was a clown...yes...a clown. We really didn't pay attention, since we were in awe of the Faulkner~headed girl. Her mother actually let her cut her hair that way? And where did she get pants LIKE THE ROLLERS WORE?! We looked at our Toughskins and Keds with embarrassment. We were failures as fans.

Then, the lights dimmed and the music started! IT WAS TIME FOR THE BAY CITY ROLLERS!

As if on cue, the Eric Faulkner girl charged the stage~along with just about every other girl in the audience. Diane and I looked at each other, embraced and screamed as only 12 year old girls can. It was almost as ear piercing as the music!

Suddenly, there was my mother in front of us. With a mighty index finger in our faces she said "I'll be in the lobby. DON'T MOVE" And she was gone. In an attempt to see better, we sat our butts on the top of our chairs, ensuring a much better view, and continued to scream.

We screamed for an hour.

And when it was over, we went home, dazed, deaf and hoarse.

So, tonight, I perused YouTube, and thru the magic of the internet, I got to experience Rollermania once again...

Ah...Dedication with Ian Mitchell on lead vocal. Here's how it went: Ian replaced Alan in the original line up, and Diane and I fell in love immediately. Looking back, I can't help but wonder why. Then again, we were kids, and so was he. Ian was all of 17 at the time he sang this song. Anyway, we were soooo excited to be seeing OUR IAN at the concert. In the weeks leading up to the show, we would look at the glossy pictures of the Rollers in Tiger Beat and 16 and sigh, knowing soon enough, we'd be in the same room as our sweet Ian. Then we read it: BREAKING NEWS IN 16 MAGAZINE! IAN IS OUT OF BCR!! Our pre~teen hearts broke into a thousand pieces! No Ian?! Who would sing Dedication?! There were only 4 Rollers at our show...but who even remembers the music? :D

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It Ought To Be A Law...

What with our new president signing nonsense into law, I figured he could sign another frivolous one into law as well, as long has he's in a singing mood:

Let it be known throughout the land that Rick Reichmuth, meteorologist for FoxNews, must never, ever cover up by wearing a suit while giving the forecast. Instead, he must always wear these jeans and a snug polo shirt:

Then we can all sing the "I'm Just a Bill" song from the old Schoolhouse Rock series :D

As I've said before, this is what's sexy, and right now, I need all the sexy I can get in my life.

Sorry for scamming the pic from our facebook, Rick...please consider it a birthday gift from you to moi * bats eyelashes provocatively at The Reichmuth *