Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It Ought To Be A Law...

What with our new president signing nonsense into law, I figured he could sign another frivolous one into law as well, as long has he's in a singing mood:

Let it be known throughout the land that Rick Reichmuth, meteorologist for FoxNews, must never, ever cover up by wearing a suit while giving the forecast. Instead, he must always wear these jeans and a snug polo shirt:

Then we can all sing the "I'm Just a Bill" song from the old Schoolhouse Rock series :D

As I've said before, this is what's sexy, and right now, I need all the sexy I can get in my life.

Sorry for scamming the pic from our facebook, Rick...please consider it a birthday gift from you to moi * bats eyelashes provocatively at The Reichmuth *

1 comment:

newsjunkie said...

Well Obama is in office now, I'm sure if you just hope long enough he will make that law happen for you! ;)