Saturday, February 28, 2009

Your Tax Dollars In Action!

As many bloggers do, I have a little site counter attached to this blog, where I can see where my hits are coming from. It's so interesting to see hits from Europe reading my post about the private Eric Clapton concert I attended (many thanks to the Eric Clapton Portal for posting the link!) and to see how many people are googling TV's Mike Rowe and his latest venture, mikeroweWorks.

Sometimes, I get a little, tonight.

Many times, the name of the company that the hit is coming from shows up on the counter. I've seen some large corporations, colleges and universities, among others. I've even had hits from government offices.

But, imagine my surprise tonight when I took a hit from none other than Fannie Mae! That's right! The embattled mortgage company that we, as taxpayers, have to bail out. It's good to see my tax dollars in action, as someone who's being paid with my hard earned money is sitting there, goofing off, googling about who designed a certain website. It's good to see that, even though I had to take a 10% pay reduction at my job because of the real estate crisis (created, in part, thanks to Fannie Mae and the sub-prime mortgage fiasco) that someone gainfully employed at Fannie saw fit to mess around on the internet while probably still earning the same salary they earned prior to this financial meltdown.

So, if I may be so bold, I would like to ask the Federal Government for some of my tax dollars back. Specifically, I'd like the money that was paid to this person who saw fit to waste the hard earned and dwindling cash that I am paying them in order to ensure that they retain a job and our country's economy doesn't implode on itself under the weight of bad loans made by their employer.

Maybe it's time we started demanding accountability for our money from these institutions if we are going to be spending our hard earned money to save them. Something to think about....

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