Friday, February 22, 2008

I Guess I'm "It"

Ok, Sandy 'tagged' me which means the following:

The rules:
*Link to the person who tagged you.
*Post the rules on your blog.
*Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog.
*Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
*Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs.

So, here's the link to Sandy:

I've posted the rules.

Here are my 7 random facts:

1: Once when I was around 4, I came face to face with an old midget in Korvettes. I am told I stood there, screaming in his face until my mother grabbed me and ran.

2: I still have a schoolgirl crush on Donny Osmond. Oh come on! He's adorable and you know it!!

3: I am allergic to red wine. If I drink it, I get red splotches all over my body. It's like one of those old light show's you'd see at the Bush Gardens back in the late 70s~except without the heavy metal soundtrack.

4: I fell off a horse in 8th grade. No, I didn't get back on.

5: I don't like the back of my neck touched. It makes me cringe. Uless, of course, it's a romantic situation...then all bets are off ;)

6: When we were in high school, a friend and I used to squeeze under a chain link fence to get to the back door of the ice rink where the NY Rangers practiced. Sadly, thru the window, the only nekkid one we saw was Eddie Johnston.

7: In high school, I wanted to follow my dream and major in voice to persue a career on Broadway. I was going to be the next Patti Lupone. Sadly, one cattle call audition at the local theme park shattered that dream. Not that I can't take rejection. Just that it made me realize that no matter how talented you are, there is always someone with more talent. And it wasn't always your talent that got you the was whether or not you fit the look. I decided that I needed to eat, and became an accountant instead.

Ok, here's an embarrassing admission: no one I know has a blog!! I'd tag Sandy again, but she did it already! If any of my friends who read here have blogs, please...leave me a link so I can tag you! Do MySpace pages count as blogs? If they do, I can tag Katy and Misty..maybe Ronda? I dunno...let me know, people!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

An Addendum to Super Tuesday...Wacky Wednesday...

Just a short addendum to last night's post....

What a long, strange trip the last 24 hours in television have been...

First off, I DID get to see my sweet Mike Rowe on Kimmel! ABC put the show on after their political coverage ended, at 1am eastern time. As an added bonus, the always adorable Drew Lachey was on first. Then Mike, resplendant in his manly glory, came out wearing dark jeans, black boots, and a gray vneck sweater with a white t under. Sweater clung to and showcased the manrack nicely :) It was worth staying up till damn near 3am for :)

Second, my ever darling Shepard went nuts, not once, but twice in the last 24. On Tuesday he read a letter from a viewer who apparently emails him daily, criticizing him. Well, Shepard went all Shep on her, saying he's wanted to do it "for years". Hillarious viewing and classic Shepard. Then, today, a contributor made a comment about the Democrats having to 'hold their noses' when they went to vote for their candidates. When Shepard asked her to explain that comment, she cracked "this is why I love Fox", as though Shepard had made the comment. Once again, Shepard opened up a can of whup~ass on her. Good for you, Shepard Smith!

I do take Shepard to task a lot in this blog, and I will be the first to admit that. Let me clearly state that, well, I do indeed love this man and would be proud to shake his hand and buy him a beer. I just want to see Shepard be all that he can be.

As for Mike Rowe, well, I just want to see Mike Rowe shirtless :D

***end of short addendum***

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

How Super IS Tuesday?

Meh...not so much...

My tv box has been overrun with newsies and politicos and I am NOT amused!

Mike Rowe of DirtyJobs with MikeRowe was to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight. So I turned on ABC here in NYC at midnight to watch...aaaannndddd.... TALKING HEADS!!






Hasn't all of this politicizing gone on long enough now? It seems like I've had candidates talking at me for YEARS now...and now it's starting to disrupt my tv viewing habits and I have had just about enough!

First they interrupt a talk show with MIKE ROWE on it...have they no brains in their heads? Wait...don't answer that....they are politicians, so it's fairly self evident that no, they DON'T!

What's next??? Pre~empting LOST?!

I am so not amused right now!

Sure, I have me some live late night Shepard Smith, but honestly...what am really in the mood for tonight is some squeeky clean and sultry looking Mike Rowe...particularly when you consider the ugly tie Shepard is wearing right now (sorry Shepard, but I have offered to style you on numerous occasions, my love)

*sigh again*

I understand Mike was his usual charming self, respendant in a gray v neck sweater with a white tshirt under, blue jeans, black boots and tossled hair.

Charlie Gibson is a poor substitute for Mike Rowe...

Friday, February 1, 2008

Renewed Faith...

First things first. I have an addition to everything I've previously noted about what I've learned so far this year. I'd like to add this: be wary of all earnestness. This is something that Mike Rowe has said many times, and appears to believe in whole heartedly. Yes, Mike...I am beginning to believe you on this one. As we seem to differ on so many other things, it's nice to have this common ground, don't you think? I have become acutely wary of all things I am sure Mike himself has become. Thank you, Mike, for teaching me something besides how well you wear dirt.

Now, on to other important issues.

Previously in this blog, I have taken Shepard Smith to task for forgetting about the Katrina victims in his home state of Mississippi. Tonight, however, I am thrilled to report that he has NOT forgotten. At the end of FoxReport, Shepard, who was speaking in a soft, quiet voice, told of an email he received today from an old friend he hadn't seen in 30 years. The friend still lived in the Mississippi gulf, and told of the trials and tribulations facing his family and many others, and concluded by saying that they would indeed persevere. A graphic appeared on the screen, , and Shepard noted that while much headway has been made, they still need our help.

I have to admit it, I was completely feeling the Shep~luv when he did that. It doesn't take much, really. It only took a minute at the end of his broadcast. He reaches so many people, and is widely respected. Just a small word from him, a gentle reminder, can do a world of good.

So, thank you, Shepard Smith, for restoring and renewing my faith in you. Enjoy your Superbowl adventure. You earned it!