Thursday, February 7, 2008

An Addendum to Super Tuesday...Wacky Wednesday...

Just a short addendum to last night's post....

What a long, strange trip the last 24 hours in television have been...

First off, I DID get to see my sweet Mike Rowe on Kimmel! ABC put the show on after their political coverage ended, at 1am eastern time. As an added bonus, the always adorable Drew Lachey was on first. Then Mike, resplendant in his manly glory, came out wearing dark jeans, black boots, and a gray vneck sweater with a white t under. Sweater clung to and showcased the manrack nicely :) It was worth staying up till damn near 3am for :)

Second, my ever darling Shepard went nuts, not once, but twice in the last 24. On Tuesday he read a letter from a viewer who apparently emails him daily, criticizing him. Well, Shepard went all Shep on her, saying he's wanted to do it "for years". Hillarious viewing and classic Shepard. Then, today, a contributor made a comment about the Democrats having to 'hold their noses' when they went to vote for their candidates. When Shepard asked her to explain that comment, she cracked "this is why I love Fox", as though Shepard had made the comment. Once again, Shepard opened up a can of whup~ass on her. Good for you, Shepard Smith!

I do take Shepard to task a lot in this blog, and I will be the first to admit that. Let me clearly state that, well, I do indeed love this man and would be proud to shake his hand and buy him a beer. I just want to see Shepard be all that he can be.

As for Mike Rowe, well, I just want to see Mike Rowe shirtless :D

***end of short addendum***

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