Friday, February 1, 2008

Renewed Faith...

First things first. I have an addition to everything I've previously noted about what I've learned so far this year. I'd like to add this: be wary of all earnestness. This is something that Mike Rowe has said many times, and appears to believe in whole heartedly. Yes, Mike...I am beginning to believe you on this one. As we seem to differ on so many other things, it's nice to have this common ground, don't you think? I have become acutely wary of all things I am sure Mike himself has become. Thank you, Mike, for teaching me something besides how well you wear dirt.

Now, on to other important issues.

Previously in this blog, I have taken Shepard Smith to task for forgetting about the Katrina victims in his home state of Mississippi. Tonight, however, I am thrilled to report that he has NOT forgotten. At the end of FoxReport, Shepard, who was speaking in a soft, quiet voice, told of an email he received today from an old friend he hadn't seen in 30 years. The friend still lived in the Mississippi gulf, and told of the trials and tribulations facing his family and many others, and concluded by saying that they would indeed persevere. A graphic appeared on the screen, , and Shepard noted that while much headway has been made, they still need our help.

I have to admit it, I was completely feeling the Shep~luv when he did that. It doesn't take much, really. It only took a minute at the end of his broadcast. He reaches so many people, and is widely respected. Just a small word from him, a gentle reminder, can do a world of good.

So, thank you, Shepard Smith, for restoring and renewing my faith in you. Enjoy your Superbowl adventure. You earned it!

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