Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve Eve...

So, here it is...Christmas Eve eve...also known as Festivus in certain circles.

So, in keeping with the spirit of Festivus, let us all gather around the aluminum pole and air our grievances...

KennyG is on my XM Radio, playing a soulfully painful rendition of my favorite Christmas song, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. It's my favorite song, because it's tinged with sadness...and yet it's so hopeful. Kind of like how I view the holiday. It's long been documented that I'm not much of a Christmas person. I try to avoid whatever I can. I don't go to parties. I don't participate in "Secret Santa's". I decorate my house as much as I can, hoping against hope that merry decor will somehow fill me with the Christmas spirit and un-scrooge me. No such luck. Humbug! Humbug I say!

I'm grinchier than the Grinch himself. I bake and I cook. I shop and I wrap...all with a grimace and a scowl. I am not merry or bright. I'm more sour than bad eggnog. I find no joy in this time of year.

Yet, somehow, I always think "Well, maybe I'll feel differently next year".

But, I never do.

This year is last years next year. And I'm even humbuggier than I was last year.

I had a small sparkle of hope tonight...hope that perhaps next year will be better...but, why do that to myself? I ought to know by now that next year is never going to be better than this year. It only gets worse. I get older, more dour, sadder and lonlier. I sit and feel sorry for myself, that I have less of a life than I want. I have no one to kiss under the mistltoe. That I only want one simple little thing for Christmas that I never get.

Tonight, I found myself yelling at my TV Box. Seems the single and childless Shepard Smith is off for the holidays. Working in his place? The very married with children Trace Gallagher. That's right. TGallie has to work while Shepard is off relaxing. I remember back in the day, on Christmas Eve, Kathy Levin of QVC, who was Jewish, always took the last shift of the night, so that hosts who celebrated Christmas could spend Christmas Eve home with their families. The network would go off the air for the holiday when she signed off (generally with her dog) and not come back on until after Christmas. I guess that sort of spirit just doesn't exist anymore. TGallie has to work, while Mrs. Gallie and the two little Gallies celebrate without him. Humbug, Shepard Smith. May you be visited by 3 spirits to learn the true meaning of Christmas. Maybe I need to be visited by them as well...

But next year will be better...but only if I skip Christmas and go to DisneyWorld...

/end grievances

So, to you, dear Constant Reader, I bid a Happy Festivus...the holiday for 'the rest of us'...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Ok, let it be known that I truly dislike these newfangled interwebz networking sites. They confuse my feeble mind and then I have to ask a kid half my age how to do things on them. Don't like 'em.

Of course...not liking them doesn't make me impervious to peer pressure...

I first got a myspace page a while back when a friend wanted me to view some b-list celebrity's page and see the messages left by the faithful. It was pretty good for a hoot & a holler. But then I let it go by the wayside...until I had to log back on just to see photos...TERRA. So I would pop on from time to time, change a status, and make friends with Captain Jonathan Hillstrand from Deadliest Catch...and not much else. Eventually, that went by the wayside. Just too confusing and too not fun!

Soon, however, friends from both real life and the internet started bugging me to get on facebook. Are you on facebook? they would ask. No, I would say, I don't believe in networking on the interwebz. What if Mike Rowe wants to stalk me?! However would I hide from him??

Eventually, however, push comes to shove and while one friend shoves, you know another friend has gotten down on all 4's behind you so you'll eventually fall over and agree with them. And I did.

I got me a facebook.

...which I often call "my face"

Hey, I don't know these things...I'm a grown woman!

But, regardless...I'm there...and TV's Mike Rowe now has the ability to stalk me...as if he hasn't done that all over the internet already ;)

Of course, I'm having fun on facebook. All my friends are there...as well as some new friends, like former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee and the man who, to me, is the best reporter on FoxNews, Rick Leventhal.

Of course...I am also now friends with someone I find amazingly sexy...Rick Reichmuth! I'd never, EVER message him...but I did leave a comment on a photo of Rick with radio's Delilah...only because I had a completely different image of her in my mind. But yeah...Rick Reichmuth is now my 'friend'...from a distance.

And this, dear reader, brings me to another reason I don't like internet based networking sites: Unwanted visitors.

Already, I've had a friend request from some nutty person with a 'message' to spread, and another from a person I knew years ago, but have no desire to reestablish ties with (those of you who know me, know exactly who this is and the whole story behind it). I ignored both, and Mr Message went off to find new disciples.

Now, you would think that this person I used to be friends with would get the hint, but, after phoning my home, sending a letter, sending several emails to an account I have no access to and have no desire to access, all without responses, they've now requested to be my 'friend' again. That ship sailed many many years ago and won't ever return to port. I ignored the request, figuring that this would surely be the hint they'd get. But did they? You'd think they would, wouldn't you? Nope! Message not received! Well...not by them, but a message was received...by me...from...them!

Now, what do you do? Do you let this person you don't want to be involved with force your hand and respond to them? Or do you do what you really didn't want to do but appear to have no other choice and....block them?

Hope that message has been received now....

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sexy Thang...

In all my bah humbugginess, I forgot to mention one thing...

I had Fox & Friends Weekend on either Saturday or Sunday morning (what other day would I have a WEEKEND show on, eh?) And first and foremost, I must say, I don't really miss the somewhat cardboard Greg Kelly on there. Sure, he was some nice Marine Corps eye candy, but personality wise, I've known wood to be more animated. Unless GKel was talking about something he was passionate about, he was rather quiet.

That's actually not what I wanted to post...that was just an aside. The title of this post is "Sexy Thang..." and that is not Gkel.

Oh no.

Right now, to me, the Sexy Thang on FNC is...meteorologist Rick Reichmuth.


The weather here in the Greatest City in the World turned bitter cold this weekend and our intrepid weather hunk was outside the studio, talking to the masses...looking heavenly in his black wool coat and gloves, wind tousseling his hair just a bit.

All I can say is it woke me up quickly :D

Rick Reichmuth...THAT's sexy :)

Monday, December 8, 2008


Well, the tree is FINALLY up!

And that's it...just a tree. There is no village this year, no plans for cookies. There is no Christmas card list yet...although I have received several already, for which I thank you, my friends :)

Truth be told, I have very little in the way of Christmas spirit this year.

What even IS Christmas spirit, anyway?

I remember when I was a child, the buildup to Christmas was huge. There were toys to remember that you wanted, whispers to be listened for, and Santa to be good for. As I got older, I enjoyed Christmas on a different level, looking forward to shopping and decorating and baking. So elaborate my plans, that I often would be working furiously into the wee hours of Christmas Eve just to finish wrapping gifts!

Last year, I forced myself to do a huge, elaboate village. I don't do it for others, I do it for me. I love doing the village. I get tired, achy and irritable, but the end result gives me a sense of satisfaction that I don't achieve very often.

This year, bah!

I can't even be bothered. Sure, I've bought the supplies and even a few extra accessories, but while the mind may be willng, the body and spirit are not.

So, with the tree up, I can concentrate on getting a few small vignettes assembled quickly tomorrow. A basket with a battery operated house in it to serve as a centerpiece on the coffee table, a house on a cake stand to decorate the kitchen. A house in a fishpot for some added cheer, and maybe another house here or there.

Perhaps, I'll find some spirit along the way...it sure would do me good....

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Importance of Being Earnest

With all due respect to Oscar Wilde, this post has nothing to do with his story of the same name. Rather, it is about disingenuous people who pretend to be sincere, all while knowingly deceiving others.

On the surface, we expect people to be relatively honest. Or at the very least, honest about the big, important things. Life's experiences, though, often teach us otherwise. People often lure us into their web of deceit, feigning earnestness. We, eager, trusting and all to willing to believe follow, fixated. Sometimes, our eyes are opened early on. Other times, we are led down the winding garden path for all too long, before we realize that the gilded pedestal we've put someone on is crumbling and only made of clay.

Such is the case of a certain low level celebrity. A person who posts on their own message board and recently launched a site of their own for "philanthropic" purposes. A person who can bloviate until the cows come home and who will never, ever admit they are wrong. A person with a not so hidden agenda who enjoys accusing fans of having them themselves. A person who wants to be worshipped as a god while stepping on those considered to be beneath them, focusing instead on fangirls a decade older than they, who lap at their feet while they grovel and beg for attention. A person who sits back and basks in the adulation, turning pitbull on anyone who dares question the Great and Powerful Oz.

A philanthropic website is one thing. Creating a message board where your 'fans' can 'discuss' and 'contribute ideas' to your unstated mission is another. It proves that the site is little more than a vanity project, something to have the old ego stroked over. Somewhere that you bring your pets in to run but SHHH!! Don't let anyone know, otherwise tempers will flare and someone may lose favor with companies willing to pay big bucks to hire them to speak. When the truth rears it's ugly head, it's greeted with jeers and nasty missives from so called moderators who's very existence is jeopardized by the truth. The truth is shut down, opting instead to live a lie...a lie that was green lighted by the very person who personally stated that they would lead their efforts with honesty...a line obviously meant to deceive.

I can no longer support this person, or the idea of what their mission was, because one deceit casts doubt on all other efforts, showing that you place no importance on earnestness.