Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sexy Thang...

In all my bah humbugginess, I forgot to mention one thing...

I had Fox & Friends Weekend on either Saturday or Sunday morning (what other day would I have a WEEKEND show on, eh?) And first and foremost, I must say, I don't really miss the somewhat cardboard Greg Kelly on there. Sure, he was some nice Marine Corps eye candy, but personality wise, I've known wood to be more animated. Unless GKel was talking about something he was passionate about, he was rather quiet.

That's actually not what I wanted to post...that was just an aside. The title of this post is "Sexy Thang..." and that is not Gkel.

Oh no.

Right now, to me, the Sexy Thang on FNC is...meteorologist Rick Reichmuth.


The weather here in the Greatest City in the World turned bitter cold this weekend and our intrepid weather hunk was outside the studio, talking to the masses...looking heavenly in his black wool coat and gloves, wind tousseling his hair just a bit.

All I can say is it woke me up quickly :D

Rick Reichmuth...THAT's sexy :)

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