Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Ok, let it be known that I truly dislike these newfangled interwebz networking sites. They confuse my feeble mind and then I have to ask a kid half my age how to do things on them. Don't like 'em.

Of course...not liking them doesn't make me impervious to peer pressure...

I first got a myspace page a while back when a friend wanted me to view some b-list celebrity's page and see the messages left by the faithful. It was pretty good for a hoot & a holler. But then I let it go by the wayside...until I had to log back on just to see photos...TERRA. So I would pop on from time to time, change a status, and make friends with Captain Jonathan Hillstrand from Deadliest Catch...and not much else. Eventually, that went by the wayside. Just too confusing and too not fun!

Soon, however, friends from both real life and the internet started bugging me to get on facebook. Are you on facebook? they would ask. No, I would say, I don't believe in networking on the interwebz. What if Mike Rowe wants to stalk me?! However would I hide from him??

Eventually, however, push comes to shove and while one friend shoves, you know another friend has gotten down on all 4's behind you so you'll eventually fall over and agree with them. And I did.

I got me a facebook.

...which I often call "my face"

Hey, I don't know these things...I'm a grown woman!

But, regardless...I'm there...and TV's Mike Rowe now has the ability to stalk me...as if he hasn't done that all over the internet already ;)

Of course, I'm having fun on facebook. All my friends are there...as well as some new friends, like former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee and the man who, to me, is the best reporter on FoxNews, Rick Leventhal.

Of course...I am also now friends with someone I find amazingly sexy...Rick Reichmuth! I'd never, EVER message him...but I did leave a comment on a photo of Rick with radio's Delilah...only because I had a completely different image of her in my mind. But yeah...Rick Reichmuth is now my 'friend'...from a distance.

And this, dear reader, brings me to another reason I don't like internet based networking sites: Unwanted visitors.

Already, I've had a friend request from some nutty person with a 'message' to spread, and another from a person I knew years ago, but have no desire to reestablish ties with (those of you who know me, know exactly who this is and the whole story behind it). I ignored both, and Mr Message went off to find new disciples.

Now, you would think that this person I used to be friends with would get the hint, but, after phoning my home, sending a letter, sending several emails to an account I have no access to and have no desire to access, all without responses, they've now requested to be my 'friend' again. That ship sailed many many years ago and won't ever return to port. I ignored the request, figuring that this would surely be the hint they'd get. But did they? You'd think they would, wouldn't you? Nope! Message not received! Well...not by them, but a message was received...by me...from...them!

Now, what do you do? Do you let this person you don't want to be involved with force your hand and respond to them? Or do you do what you really didn't want to do but appear to have no other choice and....block them?

Hope that message has been received now....

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