Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Take Me As I Am

Tonight I finally got to poke thru my recording of FNC's Studio B. I enjoy Shepard Smith and tape him to watch later, which often doesn't come.

Anyway, there was a story regarding a Dutch researcher and his theory that by 2050, humans will be marrying robots.

OK, that theory is OUT THERE, on that I do agree....


During his discussion with the requisite expert, Shepard got a little rant in about how women, once they get you, try to change you. The expert said that was because women by nature are fixers while men, once they make the conquest, just sit in the relationship content. Shepards response was that was when you ate more transfats and drank beer.

Now, just let me preface this by saying I adore Shepard Smith. I don't think there is a better anchorman or field reporter out there today. I also like that he's not afraid to laugh on the air.

But that remark made me wonder...has that been his experience with every woman he's been with?

Are all women like this?

I ask this as a woman...a woman who's never tried to change any man she's been involved with, aside from asking him to wipe the food off his lapel.

Am I the anomaly?

Or do all me feel that all women want to make them into Stepford Husbands? Take any man we can sink our claws into in order to have a man, then force him to change into the kind of man we want?

I don't think I have ever looked at a man and thought "Oh, diamond in the ruff" and thought how I would change him. I have always taken people at face value. Since I'm told men are people too, I take them at face value as well. If there is nothing attractive about them in the first place, why would you want to even be with them?

Maybe Shepard needs to sit back and take a good look at the women he chooses....are they going out with him because he's sweet, makes them laugh and has a nice smile? Or are they with him because he's on TV and makes a lot of money?

Maybe then he'll find someone with whom he can be himself...

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Ronda said...

Who knows about Shep. Maybe NYC women are too much of a hassle.... I'm kidding... I think ;)
I've never been in a relationship as of yet, but I've certainly learned a lot from watching everyone else. Stereotypes come from somewhere. There is probably a large amount of men and women who find partners with the goal to mold them. People with control issues? Motherly instinct? People who are never pleased with what they have? I don't know. Personally, I think a man/woman should be attracted to the person for who they are, not who he/she wants the person to be. If someone tried to change me, I'd back off from that person and tell them to take me as I am or forget about our relationship. I've seen both sexes try to mold each other and it's always a mess.