Tuesday, December 25, 2007

...And So This Is Christmas...

All of the hustle and bustle of the pre~Christmas season has come to an abrupt ending with the dawning of the day this morning.

Christmas is upon us, and fleeting as we speak.

The presents we wrapped so carefully in gilded paper now lie unwrapped and strewn under the tree. The gilded paper in a plastic bag in the trash, destined to find it's way to a recycling plant in the morning. The cookies we devoted so much time to baking are now eatten and stashed in plastic containers.

Tomorrow begins a new phase of the holiday season: The Day After.

It's the day for mega~sales...sales even better than they were during the last couple of shopping days for Christmas. It's the day that this years Christmas decorations go on sale..HALF PRICE!! Don't forget to stock up on that half price wrapping paper!!

We return every year to the malls the day after Christmas, bearing gifts we want to return.

This didn't fit, that's the wrong color, and who the hell thought I'd like THAT?!

We return the things we don't want...take that money...and buy the things we wanted but didn't get.

It's an annual ritual that we repeat every year. It's as much a part of the Christmas holiday as the tree.

And it's one I am proud to say I will NOT be participating in this year...everything I got is just right :)

Merry Christmas to all...and to all a good night!

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