Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ever Feel Like Mike Rowe is Stalking You?

So, it seems that these days, Mike Rowe is everywhere.

First, it was the Ford F150 commercials, which have me pointing out the attributes of the vehicle every time I encounter one (which suddenly, is quite often. Honestly, who would think that there would be so many pick up trucks in NY?) Because of Mike, I now know that the Ford F150, which has the largest towing capacity in it's class, also has closed tow hooks, as opposed to the open ones it's competition employs. What does this mean? Beats me, but I'm guessing that if I were indeed in the market for a pick up truck, I'd know.

Soon, there was more Mike Rowe on my tv box than there had been before. Besides his weekly appearance on Discovery Channel, Mike Rowe now seemed to be telling me I needed a Ford Focus. Mike...why? Why would I even want a Ford Focus when you know I am clearly in love with my little turd? No, I will not be having any of this Ford Focus nonsense. Just take your little Ford Focus and your sexy smooth as honey voice and go stand over there in the corner, thank you.

Now, my new addiction happens to be Deadliest Catch. After getting sucked in during a Marathon over the Christmas holidays, I have been looking forward to the new season of Deadliest. Deadliest is on on Tuesday nights, in the typical Dirty Jobs time slot. Why is Discovery Channel doing this? Once again, it beats me, but one thing I do know is that Mike Rowe has, thru a series of promo's~including one where he sits inside a crab pot~gone out of his way, nay, above and beyond his call of duty, to ensure that I know that he, TV's Mike Rowe, will be moving, along with his show Dirty Jobs, to Monday nights while Deadliest is on. That's right. There was Mike, on my tv box once again, trudging thru snow in Dutch Harbor, Alaska while wearing a big and apparently furry hat, using that term...yes...he called himself "TV's Mike Rowe". Some things, you just can't make them up ;)

But now Mike is also doing a promotion with HP, the computer people. On HPs website are a series of little videos starring...who else? Mike Rowe! Well...Mike Rowe and his cameraman Doug Glover and of course Dave Barsky, who apparently smells like a Barsky. In these videos, the trio travel around and stay connected to the rest of the world via a kicky new HP laptop that has a nifty swivel screen and a cool touch screen thingybob that Mike can write on with a little stylus....kind of like he's answering Final Jeopardy. What is technology beyond my comprehension, Alex? You can access these cute little videos on HPs website (just search for Mike Rowe and you'll find them) I think you'll all like the one with Nicole the best, won't they, Mary?

Anyway, I continue to encounter banner ads on websites starring...who else? MIKE ROWE! Yes! Those HP banner ads are everywhere! Besides seeing them on Discovery's website, I have also encountered them on Photobucket AND on my site meter! I am actually shocked that Mike isn't staring at me from the top of the blogger page right now, smirking at this as I type it!

Now, don't get me wrong. I adore Mike some of you already know. It's just that he continues to pop up in the most unexpected places, startling and distracting me. If I didn't know any better, I'd get the feeling he's following me. Not that I'd mind, of course. Mike Rowe can come on over anytime, as long as he brings a bottle of wine and a nice fresh cheesecake :D


newsjunkie said...

TV's Mike Rowe's cameraman has the same name as my ex-boyfriend...

Lisa said...

...yeah, but was your ex an Emmy nominated cinematographer who gets to stand in piles of poo and squeeze into small places with TV's Mike Rowe? ;)

The one line that Doug got to deliver out of all those little videos was actually a reference to a series of clips up on the Discovery site. They were 'behind the scenes' videos of the crew's trip to Montana, I think. They were looking for the Continental Divide (and were quite disappointed when they found it, I might add) and Doug and Mike had what seemed to be an impromptu chat about how nice it would be if Doug were to get an assistant to help with lugging all the equipement. Apparently, he still doesn't have one LOL

newsjunkie said...

LOL well no but he is a photo geek himself, he takes really cool pics and videos from up in his F/A-18D Hornet.

Lisa said...

....I don't think Mike's Doug has his pilots license... ;)

Btw, TV's Mike Rowe is still stalking, at work, he was staring at me from a banner ad ;)

newsjunkie said...

He should just face up to the fact that the two of you are destined to be together and get it over with already. :)