Sunday, November 11, 2007

How Come Bridezilla?

Since Discovery has seen fit to not show me any Mike Rowe and Dirty Jobs this weekend, despite the program guide I printed out off the website this week, I was left instead to flip around the dial and hope for something watchable.

I found that this morning in the form of Bridezilla's on WE.

I don't know how really "watchable" Bridezilla's's more like driving past a train wreck and having to slow down to take a peek.

Each week, Bridezilla's treats us to two or three women who are stressing out over their impending weddings. "Stressing" being a kind way of saying "bitches on wheels".

I just don't get it. These women scream, cry, threaten, abuse, and generally carry the diva act to new heights....and the men they are marrying sit there and take all of this, then coddle them.

Where do they find these guys?

Is there a store at the mall selling them? Because if there is, I sure as heck have missed it! Maybe they were a Today's Special Value on QVC that sold out while I was sleeping (hmm...Mike Rowe...did you ever sell any of those during your stint there? ;) )

In any event, it just numbs my mind how these high maintenance, highly demanding, overly controlling and conniving women seem to always find these salt of the earth men to cater to them and their every whim.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, a woman such as my self who isn't strung nearly as tightly, can't find a man worth diddly.

Maybe if I had the temperament of a spoiled Chihuahua I'd have better luck?

I try not to think about it, but WE seems hell bent on shoving miserably spoiled brides in my face at every turn.

Maybe this is why I find Dirty Jobs to be such a breath of fresh air. No way you'll be seeing Mike Rowe catering to the whimsies of a demanding bride...he'd just toss her into the mud :)

...and have I mentioned he's not too hard on the eyes? Particularly when shirtless? ;)

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