Thursday, November 29, 2007

Shop Til You Drop

Tonite I went up to Bloomingdales after work. There was a big 'private' sale going on, and it involved coupons. So we had dinner at the cafe (where, to my surprise, a coupon was also involved) and headed to the mens department to find what we could for Dad for Christmas.

Historically, I have done very well in Bloomingdales for my father for Christmas. Alas, this Christmas, that was not to be the case.

Aside from the Polo section, the rest of the clothing in the mens department appeared to be centered around either brooding emo boys or attorneys. Gray prewashed stenciled tshirts or a rainbow of ties fanned out across table after table. Take your pick. Nothing there really for a man of my fathers age.

In the end, I left the store with 2 pair of Via Spiga boots for the price of one (thank you again, coupon!), some Bogdan's mint reception sticks and mascara. The nice saleslady gave me the free gift even though my purchase was $4 shy of the "free with purchase" price.

It's funny though. The mens department at Bloomies always makes me think of Shepard Smith. I think it's the brightly hued neckties or the geometric pattern dress shirts. Or something. Whatever it is, a visit to the Bloomingdales mens department always makes me want to make over Shep.

It's not that he doesn't dress's just that he doesn't dress the way I feel he should. If he would only consult with me, I could no doubt make him one of the best dressers on television. Even better than that walking ego, Brian Williams (and this comes from a woman who has renamed a shade of blue "Brian Williams Blue". Say what you want, the ego does dress well)

The offer is on the table, Shepard. Anytime, any Bloomingdales or Nordstrom...I can work wonders ;)

The same offer is extended to Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs...except if I ever got him undressed, DRESSING him would be the last thing on my mind...

Thank God tomorrow is Friday...I seriously need a couple of days off!

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