Tuesday, September 9, 2008

TV's Mike Rowe Sings A Capella

The back story here is that Mike Rowe's former high school music teacher and choirmaster, Fred King, passed away recently. Mike, along with 3 other men he used to sing with in high school, sang a little tribute to their teacher.

I think it must be quite a wonderful testament to the kind of man Fred King was that so many of his former students thought so highly of him to turn out for this service. This must have been of great comfort to the King family, and I'm sure that somewhere, Fred King was smiling.


newsjunkie said...


I walked into an Epic Pharmacy yesterday to get my inhaler refilled, and whose voice was on the radio? You guessed it, Mike Rowe!

Lisa said...

TV's Mike Rowe is EVERYWHERE these days!

He's even got a new Ford commercial out!

Maybe he needs to run for President LOL