Saturday, September 13, 2008

What Is Sexy?

Years ago, Jovan Musk perfume used to run an ad asking "What is sexy?". They'd then show images of things considered to be "sexy".

Today, while watching tv, I happened upon someone and thought "Hmm...THAT'S sexy". And I thought...why not list what all I find sexy in my blog? Because, you know, I don't really have anything else to talk about tonight ;)

What Is Sexy?

~ Mike Rowe's bare hairy chest and arms

~ Confidence

~ Bruce Willis

~ Power

~ A well dressed man

~ FNC Meterologist Rick Reichmuth's hands and arms

~ Pierce Brosnan

~ The ability to make me laugh

~ Deep blue eyes

~ FNC's Rick Leventhal in a tshirt

(and what was it I saw on TV and thought was sexy? Rick Reichmuth's hands and forearms...luscious!)


newsjunkie said...

LOL I noticed his arms the other day too when he was reporting on Ike and had his sleeves rolled up.

Lisa said...

Distracted you from what he was saying, didn't they? LOL

I noticed he had a great body when he was on F&F Weekends. They'd sent him somewhere and it was snowing. He had on a black turtleneck and I thought to myself "he needs to ditch the suits"

Just a little somethin' somethin' about that man, as someone we know might say ;)