Friday, March 14, 2008

Top 5 Movie Scenes...

So tonight I got home in time to see a little bit of O'Reilly...not even sure why I had it on, to be honest. I just flipped around and stopped on FoxNews. Anyway, O'Reilly was showing his 5 favorite scenes from movies, including a scene from Dirty Harry, Godfather and A Few Good Men.

It made me think...what are my five favorite movie scenese?

So, in no particular order...let's give this a whirl..

5: Princess Bride: the sword fight between Inego and Westley. It's a perfect blend of skill, grace and witty dialogue.

4: Moonstruck: Ronnie sees Loretta, all dressed up, waiting in front of the fountain at Lincoln Center

3: Steel Magnolias: Sally Fields breakdown at Shelbys funeral. No one does nuts like Sally. Without fail, I cry every time I see this scene, and I've seen it many many times.

2: Out of Africa: Denys takes Karen on a picturesque plane ride over the Savannah.

1: Birdcage: After thinking that Armand no longer loves him, Albert takes his toothbrush and waits at the bus stop for the bus to Las Copas. Armand goes after him, and the two sit on a bench as cruise ships laze in the bay behind them. Armand pulls out a palimony agreement and for the first time Albert realizes that everything Armand owns is really in his name. Armand tells him who cares who owns what. There is only one place that he calls home, and its only because Albert is there. They sign the papers and Armand declares "There. Now you own half my life and I own half of yours". The couple sits, holding hands quietly on the bench, and you know that's what love is about.

I know, its odd that my #1 scene is a gay couple sitting on a bench in Miami Beach. I just think that that scene shows what real love is. You don't look at it like it's two middle aged men holding hands. It's more like seeing a long married couple rediscovering why they fell in love in the first place. It's also my favorite movie :)

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