Tuesday, August 4, 2009

After All, a Girl Needs a Hobby...

After months of resistance, I finally came around. I mean, you can only hear about it so many times before you finally heave a heavy sigh and look, just to shut some folk up.

As the Borg said, Resistance is futile.

I was hooked by the end of the first chapter. How can you not? You fall madly in love and you don't even know why. Edward Cullen dazzles you.

So it was that over Memorial Day weekend, having no money to be down shore, no plans other than drifting wherever the wind moved me, and, thanks to a head cold and miserably rainy weather, not much motivation to do much of anything, I found Edward Cullen. Happening upon a paper back edition of it in the CVS, I finally gave in to Ruby Anne's suggestions that I read Twilight. 72 hours later I found myself running through the raindrops in the parking lot of the Barnes & Nobel's, desperate to find the remaining 3 books in the trilogy, having devoured Twilight and the on line posting of the unfinished draft of Midnight Sun.

That's how I discovered Edward Cullen.

At the suggestion of no less than 3 very reputable friends, friends who shocked me with their devotion to a fictional teen age vampire, I ordered the dvd of the movie Twilight from Target...because it was only at Target that one could find the special 3 disc edition, you see. I waited impatiently until it shipped, and when it finally did arrive, I found my heart beating faster as I loaded the dvd player.

I already knew that the sloppily dressed, greasy haired English boy who played my divine Edward in the movie was not in any way, the image I had in my mind of MY Edward. Oh no, not at all. I'd seen photos of the lad. He was slight, scrawny, even, while MY Edward was a lean yet muscular god. MY Edward was neat, clean, and wore Armani. The English boy who played him? Looked like he needed a bath and directions to a good dry cleaner.

So, imagine my surprise when I found that, while physically, movie Edward was not what I had envisioned in my mind, he was the emotional embodiment of MY Edward. Edward's soul twisted and turned in Robert Pattinson's portrayal.

And so it came to pass that Edward Cullen led me to Robert Pattinson, my new hobby.

Yes, he's 22 years younger than me...but he is legal in all 50 states and Canada.

Yes, he's hygienically challenged, but wouldn't getting him clean be half the fun of it?

Yes, he's a terrible dresser. He can't button a shirt. He mends t shirts that deserve to be burned. He wears too tight, too short suit jackets. He wears those God awful Nike's everywhere. He wears wind breakers that look like he stole them from my father...and he wears them in 80 degree weather. But, the only thing that all of this means is that he'd have to be stripped down in order for me to rebuild and redefine his...uh...style.

Yes, he's English...but he does have an amazingly self effacing wit and fabulously hairy body, much to my surprise!

And, yes, this does make me a cougar, but it makes the rest of my friends, all the most wonderful people on earth, cougars as well, so I'm in very good company :D

Now, having read all 4 books of the Twilight Saga, as well as the unfinished transcript, and after repeated viewings of the Twilight dvd (with and without the hilariously funny commentary) I sit and wait impatiently for the November 20 release of the second film adaptation in the saga, New Moon, so that I can be with MY Edward again....

Yeah...I know...I need a new hobby :D


Sherry Fisher said...

Well said!! Exactly how I felt when I started reading...watched the movie...fell head over heels in love with Rob. I think the Jay Leno interview pushed me over the brink to Robsession. He was just so...different from other celebrities. I don't even know how to say what it is that makes me crazy about him!!
Welcome to my world is all I can say!! And I couldn't have better company I have to say.

(here we go again...LOL)

Lisa said...

I blame you for my Robsession, since you were the one who sent me that damn Leno video!

I think that's what it was that sent me over the edge.

"It's straight out of the box"

Sherry Fisher said...

I still say that line every chance I get!! LOL

I wake up in the mornings and my curly hair is sticking straight up like it has a life of its own. I look at myself and say "straight out the box". LOL

Lisa said...

Best. Line. Ever!!

That...and the way he shrugs when he looks at Heidi Klum and says "it's German". LMFAOOOOO

newsjunkie said...

You're so funny! I can't get into those books but I think it's cool that so many people of different ages are into them. My friend even has two sons who love the books.

That said, I must correct you... "heroin" the drug does not end in an "e." ;)

Lisa said...

Oh, Sandy, I stole that right off someone's photobucket. You know how bad I am with anything artistic on the puter LOL I didn't even notice the spelling error.

I fought the whole Twilight thing. I gave in, bought the first book, and could not put it down. You completely fall in love with Edward (Edward, not Robert. Robert is separate. Edward is perfect...Robert....not so much LOL)

After I read Twilight, I went on to read Midnight Sun, the unfinished manuscript on Stephenie Meyer's website. It's Twilight, but from Edward's perspective. It offers insight into what makes Edward tick that you don't get in Twilight, and it makes you love Edward even more :)

newsjunkie said...

Hahahaha I tried to read it but just couldn't get into it. I may try again someday, once I get through my new pile of books.

Lisa said...

I fought it too. I had it pegged as another HP type book, which it's definitely not.

And, since I couldn't get through any of the Anne Rice books, and laughed at the movie version of Interview With the Vampire, I really thought I'd read a few chapters and toss it aside.

Thing is, you fall in love with Edward so quickly, you just can't put it down!