Thursday, August 6, 2009

My 100th Post!

And they said it wouldn't last!

I've covered a lot of ground during my first 100 posts here on My Wckd Wckd Ways. I've covered a little somethin' somethin' of my Shepard Smith love...and a little somethin' somethin' of my Shepard Smith hate. I've covered my dirty little Mike Rowe love and come clean with a little bit of the Mike Rowe hate. Now I've moved on to the RPattz luv...can the hate be far behind?

So, what shall we talk about for my 100th post?

There's so much to say, and so precious little time to say it in (who am I kidding? I can type all night...but I doubt you'd continue reading, dear Constant Reader.

Oh wait!! I've covered my Rick Reichmuth luv and haven't ever, ever had any Reichmuth hate!! I still luvs me some of the Reichmuth...when I'm up early enough on weekends to catch his sexiness on FNC :D

But, enough of the past....let's move on to a bright new future.

Let's talk about ROBERT PATTINSON!

Robert, Rob, RPattz, Patty, Spunk Ransom, Teh Robbler...whatever you choose to call him, there's no denying that boy is H-O-T. That I could have birthed him during my Senior Formal in college does not enter into the equation~EVER! It spoils the fantasy that way.

I have currently a small yet growing pile of various magazines on the corner of the desk. All have one thing in common: photos of Robert Pattinson are contained therein. I have fetched magazines out of the recycle bin because they have one teeny tiny photo of Rob in them. I have a folder on the desktop of my MacBook Pro (the same computer that Robert Pattinson himself prefers, I might add) that says "Robert Pattinson". Essentially, all of the images that are on the pages of those magazines are also confined digitally to my little folder.

I have watched Twilight at least 6 times since discovering both it and Robert in early June. I have watched the movie, the movie with the commentary (Robert, seriously...get over your frickin' eyebrows!), the extra scenes, the making of, the becoming Edward thingy...I've watched it all, and's not enough.

I watch YouTube videos (thank you, Sherry, for the Leno video which started the whole she-bang in the first place ;) ) I watch YouTube videos on my iPod touch when I'm away and find some wifi. I look at my own pink Yankee baseball cap and think "Why, it's almost identical to the one the Robinator has been wearing since he flimed here in my fair city...except for it's pink!", I pretend that those aren't sweat stains under his arms in some photos, and that it isn't dandruff on his shoulders...or grease in his hair.

I even made a special trip tonight to get the current Entertainment Weekly Magazine...because Robert is in it.

Yes, I am a woman somewhat obsessed with Robert Pattinson...and I KNOW I'm not alone! The only difference is I don't steal my child's copy of Tiger Beat for the poster :P

So, yes, I have made my 100th post about Robert Pattinson. Here's hoping the next 100 posts are all about the Rob~luv and not about the Rob~hate.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, the video that started the whole obsession off...Robert Pattinson on Leno:


Sherry Fisher said...

I liked him. Thought he was interesitng. Very good as Edward. Then I watched that Leno clip. And there is just something about him that has drawn me completely in!!! I cannot watch enough interviews...I cannot collect enough magazines...I cannot see enough pictures Well you get the idea.

Yes I am twice his age. Don't care. Sexy is sexy. And REALLY am I ever going to meet him? NO. I'm I ever going to carry out my cougar fantasies? NO. I have a boring empty life and watching this young man has given me some happiness and excitement! So WHATEVER!!!

I saw Twilight in theaters 7 times. I have watched the DVD so many times I lost count. The commentary is my absolute favorite thing EVER!!! Yes he is a bit obsessive about his appearance...but then turns around and dresses like a homeless person. Go figure.


Glad you joined me in my obsession. It's good to be drooling over a man with you again!! LOL

Lisa said...

That's it exactly. I'm never going to meet him, and even if I do, he really won't care LOL

It's not like he's waking up in my bed.

Of course, with the proper restraints....hmmm.....