Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Christmas in July....Sort of...

So autumn is upon us...well...on the calendar, anyway.

Today in New York, the mercury hit the mid 80s and tomorrow is expected to be near 90. In New York. At the end of September.

That I've been picking up odds and ends for the new Christmas tree I have to get this year isn't the unusual thing...doing it while wearing flip flops is.

My mind is at the beach when it should be on planning the intricate Dept 56 village I construct each season. I should be slowly stocking up on tacky wax and ground Styrofoam snow. Instead, I want to be outside in the warm sun and not inside the florescent lit Michael's.

Don't get me wrong. I appreciate the extension of summer~the warm breezes rustling thru the turning leaves while the sun warms you to the soul. It's just that it makes it more difficult for me to concentrate on the important upcoming events.

How can I pick out a Halloween pumpkin when I'm longing to be by the sea?

I think I've hit upon the perfect solution though...move to the beach! find a job that'll pay me to sit with my feet in the sand and a margarita in my hand...


MsJettexas said...

Hi Lisa,
I think I remember you asking me how to add a picture to a blog. I didn't answer because Greta puts up so many that I figured it would get lost in the shuffle. So I thought I would just find you again and tell you.
Go to your sign in and sign in. Then you will see a "layout" button, click on that and then click on the "Add a page element". An icon will pop up and you will see "Choose a new page e;ement" and on it a list of things to add. There is one for picture. Then click it. Then when you go to it, you can add a picture from your computer when you click the browse button.Try it out. I did notice however that when you add a picture it seems to widen a tad bit when it is posted. I just added one of Greta that I edited. I hope this helps! Have a good one!
Lady Lisa Nichols

Ruby Anne said...

When you find that job, let me know if they have one for me.

Okay, 80 in was 95 here on Monday - LOL - we sent you that weather. Ain't it great!! Your next blog needs to be about how retailers want to blow over Halloween and Thanksgiving and cram Christmas down our throats.

Lisa said...

I can't comment, Ruby Anne, because I have already purchased some ornaments at HomeGoods...while wearing flipflops and capris LMAO

And Lady Lisa, thanks for the info!!