Thursday, September 27, 2007

I Love The 80s

Ok, as if I have readers (haha!! Katy and RubyAnn, you better be reading this!) I've decided to add a "regular" feature of bloggy goodness to My Wckd Wckd Ways...


That's right...I am a proud 80s girl!!

So I've decided that I would start making posts about the, movies, tv, and me!

So, todays topic...what I like to call The Holy Trinity of Totaly 80s movies....

Thats right....

Sixteen Candles
Breakfast Club
Pretty In Pink

The thread that joins them together?

Why, none other than the 80s movie "it" girl...Molly Ringwald, who stars in all three.

Now, I have NO idea how Molly became the girl that the boys all wanted and the girls all wanted to be like, but somehow, she did.

I know I used to try to get my little 80s bob to look like a brunette version of her hair from Breakfast Club all the time...and wear mauve Clinique lip gloss like the shade she wore in that movie as well.

Why? I don't know. Maybe it was so Judd Nelson would want me too? (not that I ever found him attractive...well...maybe a little in St Elmos Fire...I was more into Andrew McCarthy back then)

Anytime I'm flipping channels and see one of these movies on, I have to stop and watch , no matter how far into the movie. So many memories are tied up in them...both happy and sad. But regardless, it makes me happy to remember those times.

Even when I hear one of the songs from those movies, I smile. Like tonite, I was driving to the diner for dinner and Simple Mind's "Don't You Forget About Me" came on. A smile instantly came to my lips.

Perhaps I'm overly sentimental about them, but these are the movies of my youth, part of the environment that molded me into the dynamic person I hope I am today.

And that's why I love the 80s :)


Ruby Anne said...

Andrew McCarthy......yum!! Okay, I totally wanted to be Molly Ringwald so I could make out with Andrew, but I didn't want to look like her.

And like you I ALWAYS watch 'Sixteen Candles' when it comes on or that other movie with Molly, Andrew and some dude whose character name was Duckie. Yep I still wanna make out with him!!

Lisa said...


I sooo wanted her to end up with Duckie, but then she went with Blaine! I hate how that movie ends...but I LOVE the Psychedelic Furs and OMD music LOL