Sunday, January 20, 2008

Band Wagon Jumper On~ers

So tonite the NY Giants beat the Greenbay Packers.

Since I have absolutely no football loyalties whatsoever, it really meant absolutely nothing to me. I am not one to jump on any sports bandwagons. I'm either a fan, or, I'm not. Simple as that for me.

For some people, however, band wagon jumping on is an artform. My neighbor is one of those. She jumps on and acts like shes been a fan all of her life when, in reality, shes rooted AGAINST the team she's now such a die hard fan of. It's irritating. When the NY Rangers were winning their Cup in 1994, she called me with 30 seconds left in the 7th game of the finals to talk about the game. I was 30 seconds away from winning the first Stanley Cup in 54 years, and she wanted to chat about how good the goalie was. I just screamed I CAN'T TALK TO YOU!!!!! and hung up. She still complains to this day, that I hung up on her.

I seem to recall that, in a taped interview on, one Shepard Smith declared that while he was a NY Yankee fan, he could not stand ANY other NY area teams...

Hey, Shepard....can you explain this?

This is the photo that you emailed to Greta Van Sustern tonite and that she posted in her blog.

Please don't tell me that you are a Giants fan now because Eli Manning is the QB and since he went to Ole Miss you are now a fan of the team. Does that mean that if Eli goes to, I dunno...who else has a team? Los Angeles? If Eli goes to a Los Angeles team (hmm...I'm not completely sure they have a team...Los Angeles...what? The Raiders are in Oakland with the A's. LA has the Dodgers for baseball, but, uh...I have no idea if they have football. Let's change that. Does Chicago have a football team? Chicago...uh...Dallas. I know Dallas has a team!! So let's go with Dallas, shall we?) Ok, let's back it up now...Shepard, does your newfound loyalties to the NY Giants revolve around the fact that Eli Manning is the QB, and does that mean that if next season Eli finds himself with the Dallas Cowboys (see...I told you I knew Dallas had a team!) because Tony Romo ran off to Mexico with Jessica Simpson and subsequently got run out of town by the fans, would that mean that you would abandon the Giants in favor of Dallas?

Tsk tsk if this is true, Mr. Smith. I was a huge fan of Bucky Dent, but when he left the Yankees, while I continued to follow Buckys career and remain his fan to this day, I was and still am, a Yankee fan.

Loyalties, Shepard.... ;)

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