Monday, January 21, 2008


Upon my return to work this frigid Monday morning, I was greeted by a chorus inquiring "WHERE ARE YOUR COLORS?" colors are right here: black slacks, gray sweater, black scarf.

I was a speck in a sea of Giants blue.

I was then informed that I had "better" find myself a Giants shirt to wear to the office, because professional office attire was not least not when the Giants were going to the stupid~er~superbowl.

So, here is my dilema: Unlike others, I don't follow football. And, unlike still others, I don't band wagon hop. (And Shepard, I hope you realize last nights post was in jest. And I still don't know if Los Angeles has a football team, but I do now know that Chicago is...Da Bears...) I go to Modells and get a Giant football shirt? Or do I just wear a nice Ralph Lauren buttondown with a little polo pony on it as I usually do??

What. Say. You.

Shep? Wanna weigh in here? ;)

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newsjunkie said...

Wear whatever you want to wear. There's no reason for you to be forced to jump on a bandwagon you have no interest in.

You're too much of a sports fan in general, even if football isn't your game, to let yourself be forced to spend money unnecessarily.