Wednesday, January 16, 2008

But Eat At Your Own Risk...

I was perusing the "Mike's World" section of the Dirty Jobs board at today and happened across a section of Mike Rowe's top ten lists. It's a fairly amusing read, to be honest. I've found out that, like my friend Tom, Mike is a big Rush fan. And unlike me, he likes Moby. But listing The Cure as his #1 on his iPod redeemed him in my eyes (sorry Tom ;) ) I also found it interesting to see that Mike and I have some similar favorite movies. Does this mean he likes chick flicks or I like guy movies? Seriously...I think it just means we like to laugh. Why else would we both have Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles on our lists? And who doesn't feel redemption at the end of Shawshank Redemption?

But what I really found intriguing was his list of 10 people, living or dead, who he would invite to a dinner party if he could. This is Mikes list:

10: Richard Pryor
9: Helen of Troy
8: John Cleese
7: Jesus of Nazareth
6: Mark Twain
5: Amelia Earhart
4: Groucho Marx
3: Angelina Jolie
2: Oscar Wilde
1: Frank Sinatra

It is, on it's own, a rather odd compilation of guests. I can't imagine what they would talk about amongst themselves. And poor Helen of Troy~she wouldn't even speak the language, although I bet Groucho would have a few comments to make. Good thing Mike didn't invite Harpo as well, otherwise Helen and Angelina would be running from him all night, and Brad would be none too amused. I wish Mike had given the reason he would like to have these guests at his dinner party. It'd offer a little more insight into the list, aside from "Oh, he likes to laugh and be around beautiful women and powerful men."

So, I thought about it a little more.

And I wondered, if I could invite 10 people for dinner (catered, of course. I wouldn't want those who were still alive to have to eat my cooking. Their living or dead status may just change if they had to do that) who would I invite, and most importantly, why?

So, here, for better or worse, is my list:

10: Mel Brooks ... because he makes me laugh

9: Carl Reiner ... because we can't have the 2000 year old man skit without him

8: Bucky Dent ... because I never got to thank him for that Home Run in Fenway Park back in 1978

7: Mark Messier ... Oh captain, my captain...

6: William Faulkner ... to spin stories of the long, hot summer for us, of course

5: Ronald Reagan ... I usually don't like politicians, but to me, Reagan was different. He truly believed that America was good and that we really were the shining city on the hill

4: Shepard Smith ... oh shut's not because I have a small *thing* for him. It's because I want to discuss his career, and what he's seen over the last 20 years, and how it has affected him on a personal level

3: Bruce Willis ... Ok, this one is purely superficial. Bruce is my #1. I worship and adore him

2: Princess Diana ... who wouldn't want to have dinner with her and talk? We could talk about our favorite DuranDuran songs

1: Mike Rowe ... to show him how awesome my dinner party is...and see what he thinks of my guest list!


newsjunkie said...

Oooooh can I come wash the dishes??? ;)

Lisa said...

Well, the caterer will take care of that, but you can come and sit at the "childrens table" ;) LOL!!

newsjunkie said...